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Building a new home? Renovating your old one? You’re probably finding out just how expensive building and renovation can be: every nail, bolt, screw and bit of wood can set you back, and you really have to work out for larger items such as windows and doors.

Save your budget for the things that really matter, when you give us a call today.
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Building Traders is a local, close-knit team of building experts, trading in affordable and high quality second hand building supplies. We deal in repurposed, recycled and refurnished building supplies, taken from old homes to be used in yours: from windows to doors and beyond, we have a diverse range of recycled products and building materials that can be used in all kinds of places and spaces around your new home. Call us today and explore our range: we offer free quotes on all our affordable and cost effective repurposed materials!

High quality building materials

As builders ourselves, we recognise the dangers of ill fitting, dodgy or decommissioned building materials. Our recycled products are the utmost in quality, safety and beauty: we pick the best of the bunch to resell on to you. We personally inspect and sign off on all our pieces before resale, to ensure they are of the utmost in quality and perfect for every building or renovation. Give us a call to explore our range of professional and proven building materials, certified by our dedicated and professional team of building experts. Whether you’re out to build a new home or renovate your old one, make sure you have the best in building materials by calling our team today!
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Recycled paved stones
Man measuring recycled wood
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Why choose recycled products

Other than potentially saving you thousands in otherwise wasted dollars, buying reclaimed and recycled materials to add to your building is a perfect way to promote a sustainable and ecologically friendly future in New Zealand. There’s no need to buy brand new timber and building materials  when there’s perfectly good recycled stuff to use and reuse in your home. Through reclaiming, recycling and reusing building materials, you’re saving money, saving the planet and saving mother earth. Choose recycled and reclaimed building materials to make your footprint on the earth a little less severe!
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